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Funeral Service & Cemetery Profession

Roosevelt Investments has been providing customized investment management services designed to meet the life cycle needs of various funeral service and cemetery professionals since the early 1980s. Our industry knowledge, investment experience, and risk-oriented approach have helped these businesses to succeed. Today, the firm is an active contributor to industry publications, most notably the Memorial Business Journal and Pennsylvania Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association’s Keynews.

Our knowledge of the funeral service and cemetery industries, which includes cemetery and funeral home operators, has been acquired over three decades. We understand, for example, that some cemetery providers in the early stages of development may need to grow capital in order to meet property expansion goals. Or late-stage cemetery providers may primarily desire income generation in order to support maintenance and preservation objectives. Similarly, funeral home operators may require investment management of assets derived from prepaid funerals. And regardless of life cycle stage, we have learned from experience to expect that each operator will have its own tolerance for risk-taking. Together, we work closely with our death care partners to best define an investment approach that is well-suited to their specific objectives.

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