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How We Work Together

Financial Advisors can obtain detailed information about our investing strategies, below. Roosevelt adheres to a disciplined investment process focused on risk management, and we believe our results speak for themselves.

For financial advisors who work with us, we proactively communicate our market perspectives and provide you with timely insights on Roosevelt-managed products. Clear and consistent communication is our top priority.

Financial Professionals in New York NY
Financial Professionals in New York NY

Where Our Strategies Are Available

Roosevelt’s investment strategies are available on various SMA platforms at leading broker/dealers and financial planning firms. If you have any questions, please contact our Sales Desk.

Learn More About Our Strategies:

Core Equity

All-Cap Core Equity

  • Ability to diversify across all market caps and styles.
  • Designed to capture the upside of a positive market and protect the portfolio against the downside risk of a negative market.
  • Top-down macro research process designed to identify thematic opportunities, with bottom-up research to confirm themes.
  • Target maximum portfolio exposure of 70% in any one investment style (Value/Growth) and/or market cap (Small/Mid/Large).
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Current Income

  • Seeks to provide a sustainable and substantial income stream by maximizing annual cash flows while preserving capital.
  • Comprised of short- and intermediate-term, investment grade corporate debentures, agency obligations, and relatively liquid preferred securities. Risk controls via asset mix.
  • Clients benefit from individual security ownership, the ability to customize, and the flexibility to address specific tax concerns.
  • Managed in a benchmark agnostic fashion, CIP is diversified across industries, maturities and issuers with an initial target maximum of 4% per issuer.
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Select Equity


Select Equity

  • Seeks long-term capital appreciation.
  • Equity portfolio diversified across sectors, market capitalizations, and styles.
  • Intensive screening for secondary and tertiary beneficiaries of broader thematic changes.
  • Ability to incorporate risk management tools as potential hedge against bear market declines.
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Core Fixed Income

Fixed Income

Core Fixed Income

  • Comprised of U.S. Treasuries, U.S. Agencies, and Corporate debentures.
  • Focus on high credit ratings to minimize risk.
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Preferred Securities


Preferred Securities

  • An enhanced yield and liquidity management solution for use in the context of a fixed income asset allocation.
  • Comprised on average of about 15-25 relatively liquid preferred securities (predominately investment grade) with an average weighting of about 2-5%.
  • Seek to avoid uncertainties associated with legacy LIBOR contracts and the uncertainty regarding the scheduled termination of the LIBOR benchmark rate in December 2021.
  • The portfolio is designed to benefit from the tax advantages of ‘qualified income’. It is our intention to invest nearly all the portfolio (80-90%) in securities which pay interest with qualified tax treatment.
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We Are Here to Help

Roosevelt Investments’ ongoing strength and success is driven by collaboration and teamwork. Our success is driven by our leaders, and by our people.

Our team of experienced professionals come from diverse backgrounds, and we all bring unique perspectives and intellectual capital to the table. We adhere to the same Code of Ethics, and we hold each other accountable to embody the values set by our founders—honesty, integrity, and trust.

James Rogers

James Rogers, CIMA®

President, National Sales Manager

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Michael Miranda

Michael Miranda

Director of Marketing


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