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Tricky Treasuries

What's in the News... With five interest rate hikes since the end of 2015, the expectation has been for a much higher 10 year Treasury yield. Yet while the Fed controls the short end of the curve, supply and demand move the longer end of the curve. With this in mind, Informa financial intelligence Chief Macro Strategist David Ader argues that two... Read more »

Fed Up

What's in the news... Recent political, economic, and market volatility continues to keep everyone on their toes. After climbing to 2.95% on February 21, the 10 year Treasury dipped to 2.73% last week before settling at about 2.78% [1]. With the Fed continuing rate hikes and unwinding of QE, recent tax cuts, an implied increase in government... Read more »

Tight Grip

What's in the News: The extended hunt for yield that began after the 2008-2009 financial crisis continues to exert extraordinary pressures on fixed income yields, pricings, and the interdependence between credit markets. Demand for investment grade assets to produce the highest possible current income has led to a persistent flattening of the US... Read more »

Yield Curve Anatomy

Did You Know... The U.S. Treasury Yield Curve is one of the most used charts to explain economic health. Typically the longer end of the curve will show higher yields and as the curve climbs, risk premiums and inflation risk increase. Ergo, the shape of the curve can serve as a good indicator of growth and inflation. When yields on longer term... Read more »

S&P 500 at Highs, U.S. Treasury at Lows

What's in the news: S&P 500 is at highs and the U.S. Treasury 10 year yields are near record lows post-Brexit Source: Bloomberg What's are we thinking? Investors don’t typically turn to the safety of bonds at the same time they buy stocks. Could extremely low yields be causing investors to seek returns in riskier assets, like stocks?... Read more »

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