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CIP Quips

Tricky Treasuries

What's in the News... With five interest rate hikes since the end of 2015, the expectation has been for a much higher 10 year Treasury yield. Yet while the Fed controls the short end of the curve, supply and demand move the longer end of the curve. With this in mind, Informa financial intelligence Chief Macro Strategist David Ader argues that two... Read more »

A Taxable Equivalent

Did you know... In the quest for higher yields tax implications are an important consideration. With that in mind, investors often turn to municipal bonds as a tax free, bond alternative with higher yields. But are tax free muni’s the best route to take when looking for higher conservative yield? With new 2018 tax laws, we thought it would be... Read more »

Jubilate for Rising Rates

Did you know... Generally speaking, when interest rates rise, bond prices decrease. For total return investors this may not be ideal, but as income investors we think it’s time to get excited about rising interest rates. Coupon income is a significant contributor to bond returns. During the periods of (I) November 1986 to March 1989, (II) January... Read more »

Inflation Hesitation

What's in the News: You may have noticed that the yield curve has been flattening over the past few weeks, with the spread between the two-year Treasury yield and the 10-year treasury yield narrowing to a mere 56 basis points. Flattening of the curve often signals concerns about economic growth, and when the curve dips below or inverts it can... Read more »

Janky Junk

What's in the News: In November, several high yield, non-investment grade “junk bonds” declined, causing concern about the high yield bond market. Consequently, ETF’s that buy high yield bonds have seen price declines, for example, iShares iBoxx High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (HYG) had a six day decline, and SPDR Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond... Read more »


What's in the News: Last week was a busy week for the fixed income markets. Federal Reserve policy makers chose to keep interest rates unchanged. The Fed believes that the economy is growing at a “solid rate”, however, core inflation remains below their target of 2% and expected labor market conditions gave them pause. Before jetting off to Asia,... Read more »

Rate Stalemate

What’s in the News: As expected, the Fed left its benchmark interest rate unchanged at its September 20th meeting. The Fed indicated that it remains on pace to raise short-term rates later this year, signaling one more rate hike in 2017, three in 2018, two in 2019 and one in 2020. However, a more gradual pace of rate increases is a real... Read more »

Passive is Passive

Whats in the news: Dennis Gartman, editor and publisher of the well-respected and widely circulated industry newsletter, The Gartman Letter, recently gave an interview discussing his outlook for bonds, interest rates and what bothers him in the market. When asked whether investors should even bother owning bonds in the current market environment,... Read more »

Perks of Preferreds

Did you know... Some of the questions we hear most frequently from advisors surround a common topic, preferred securities. We’ve noticed advisors tend to shy away from owning individual preferred securities due to the tedious work needed to follow call provisions, credit ratings and tax treatment. We believe, that with proper management, a sleeve... Read more »

A Taxable Equivalent

Did you know… Capital markets are expecting the Fed to raise rates two more times in 2017, and while it appears that the Fed is committed to a path of steady rate hikes, this would still only end the year with rates in the range of about 2.70%. With yields remaining low, the thirst for higher coupons can be sidelined by potential tax implications.... Read more »

It's Hard to Unwind

What’s in the news: In an effort to alleviate the effects of the 2008 financial crisis the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program was introduced to drive down longer termed interest rates. The idea was to encourage people to spend more, and the program ultimately more than tripled the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. Almost a decade later... Read more »

Potentially Lower for Longer?

Whats in the news: In March the Federal Reserve began the process of normalizing interest rates. In a statement, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen said, “The simple message is the economy is doing well … we have confidence in the robustness of the economy and its resilience to shocks” Since Yellen made that statement, expectations for a June... Read more »

Rates Cause Pain

What’s in the news: It should not come as a shock that retirees are having difficulty planning for retirement. Historically, traditional retirement vehicles like CDs were their bread and butter. However, a one-year CD hasn’t paid more than 1% since 2009, according to Bankrate.com. So what is a retiree to do? In an effort to circumvent an... Read more »

Picking Up Yield with Preferreds

What's in the news: Over the past few months the U.S. Treasury 10 year yield has risen slightly over 100 basis points from it’s July trough [1]. Still too low in our opinion for income oriented investors. In a recent Wall Street Journal Article, Jeff Brown posed the following question, “What if you could earn 6% or 7% in a security that is safer... Read more »

Gearing Up for Trumponomics

What's in the news: Market indices are hitting all-time highs in the euphoria of a post-election Trump victory. However, talk of infrastructure spending, tax cuts and other fiscal stimulus plans, like deregulation, have also caused a sell-off in the bond market as concerns over inflation and interest rate hikes have mimicked the same euphoria.... Read more »

Benefits of a Rising Interest Rate

Did you know… The noise surrounding the impending interest rate hike tends to send quivers through the average investor’s boots. While the details remain uncertain, let’s take a moment to point out some of the positive implications that may come along with an interest rate hike. Higher Returns on Interest Income Rising interest rates would benefit... Read more »

Interest Rate Hike on the Horizon?

What’s in the News: On Friday, August 26th, Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, signaled the possibility of an interest rate hike in the near future: “I believe the case for an increase in the federal funds rate has strengthened in recent months. Of course, our decisions always depend on the degree to which incoming data continues to confirm... Read more »

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