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Fed Up

What's in the news... Recent political, economic, and market volatility continues to keep everyone on their toes. After climbing to 2.95% on February 21, the 10 year Treasury dipped to 2.73% last week before settling at about 2.78% [1]. With the Fed continuing rate hikes and unwinding of QE, recent tax cuts, an implied increase in government... Read more »

A Taxable Equivalent

Did you know... In the quest for higher yields tax implications are an important consideration. With that in mind, investors often turn to municipal bonds as a tax free, bond alternative with higher yields. But are tax free muni’s the best route to take when looking for higher conservative yield? With new 2018 tax laws, we thought it would be... Read more »

Tight Grip

What's in the News: The extended hunt for yield that began after the 2008-2009 financial crisis continues to exert extraordinary pressures on fixed income yields, pricings, and the interdependence between credit markets. Demand for investment grade assets to produce the highest possible current income has led to a persistent flattening of the US... Read more »

Inflation Hesitation

What's in the News: You may have noticed that the yield curve has been flattening over the past few weeks, with the spread between the two-year Treasury yield and the 10-year treasury yield narrowing to a mere 56 basis points. Flattening of the curve often signals concerns about economic growth, and when the curve dips below or inverts it can... Read more »

Janky Junk

What's in the News: In November, several high yield, non-investment grade “junk bonds” declined, causing concern about the high yield bond market. Consequently, ETF’s that buy high yield bonds have seen price declines, for example, iShares iBoxx High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (HYG) had a six day decline, and SPDR Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond... Read more »


What's in the News: Last week was a busy week for the fixed income markets. Federal Reserve policy makers chose to keep interest rates unchanged. The Fed believes that the economy is growing at a “solid rate”, however, core inflation remains below their target of 2% and expected labor market conditions gave them pause. Before jetting off to Asia,... Read more »

Passive is Passive

Whats in the news: Dennis Gartman, editor and publisher of the well-respected and widely circulated industry newsletter, The Gartman Letter, recently gave an interview discussing his outlook for bonds, interest rates and what bothers him in the market. When asked whether investors should even bother owning bonds in the current market environment,... Read more »

A Taxable Equivalent

Did you know… Capital markets are expecting the Fed to raise rates two more times in 2017, and while it appears that the Fed is committed to a path of steady rate hikes, this would still only end the year with rates in the range of about 2.70%. With yields remaining low, the thirst for higher coupons can be sidelined by potential tax implications.... Read more »

It's Hard to Unwind

What’s in the news: In an effort to alleviate the effects of the 2008 financial crisis the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program was introduced to drive down longer termed interest rates. The idea was to encourage people to spend more, and the program ultimately more than tripled the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. Almost a decade later... Read more »

Potentially Lower for Longer?

Whats in the news: In March the Federal Reserve began the process of normalizing interest rates. In a statement, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen said, “The simple message is the economy is doing well … we have confidence in the robustness of the economy and its resilience to shocks” Since Yellen made that statement, expectations for a June... Read more »

Rates Cause Pain

What’s in the news: It should not come as a shock that retirees are having difficulty planning for retirement. Historically, traditional retirement vehicles like CDs were their bread and butter. However, a one-year CD hasn’t paid more than 1% since 2009, according to Bankrate.com. So what is a retiree to do? In an effort to circumvent an... Read more »

Are Directions Worth the Wait?

The scenario: The US 10 Year Treasury yield has moved below its one year high. President Trump has been in office now for a few weeks and has written a slew of executive orders intending to put U.S. interests first. The expectation: Less regulation, tax cuts, increased infrastructure spending, changes in trade policy and any other pro-business... Read more »

Putting the Income in Fixed Income

What’s in the News… Callan Institute recently published research focusing on how institutional investors can achieve a 7.5% return while minimizing risk. Using an optimizing tool to find this efficient frontier, with the asset mix based on forward-looking capital market projections (which Callan created), the research yielded some interesting... Read more »

Moody's Baa Index Yield at Lowest Level Since 1950's

What's in the news: Investment grade corporate bond yields are currently at the lowest level since the 1950’s. This is concerning to income oriented investors as higher yields are becoming harder to find within the investment grade space. Source: Bloomberg The Moody's Baa Index yield is at its lowest level since 1957 What are we thinking? We... Read more »

Global Negative Bond Yields

What's in the news: The global flight to safety continues as some of the world’s most developed countries experience lower bond yields on both short term and longer dated maturities. Slower growth and tumbling inflation expectations will likely put central banks between a rock and a hard place as they face more quantitative easing and discover the... Read more »

S&P 500 at Highs, U.S. Treasury at Lows

What's in the news: S&P 500 is at highs and the U.S. Treasury 10 year yields are near record lows post-Brexit Source: Bloomberg What's are we thinking? Investors don’t typically turn to the safety of bonds at the same time they buy stocks. Could extremely low yields be causing investors to seek returns in riskier assets, like stocks?... Read more »

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