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CIP Quips

Mispricing Between Issues

Did You Know... Roosevelt Investment’s Current Income Portfolio includes $25 and $1000 par value preferred securities. We believe that preferred securities offer the potential for higher income generation compared to other fixed income sectors, and they help balance our portfolio construction. We also believe that pricing discrepancies can occur... Read more »

Time to Revisit

In the News: An interesting article from CNBC earlier this month suggests that now may be the time to revisit bonds in your portfolio. The article cites growing fears of a recession and factors like the Fed’s decision to take a patient approach to interest rates, slowing global economic expansion, increased U.S. stock market volatility and... Read more »

Road to Normal

In the News: Following a number of speeches by Federal Reserve members last week, Bloomberg news highlighted that policy makers could be looking to shorten the average maturity of their treasury holdings. The Fed currently does not actively manage the duration of its reinvestments. Shifts in what types of securities the Feds hold on its balance... Read more »

Properly Diversified

In the news: After analyzing almost 10,000 financial advisor models with their proprietary risk management platform, BlackRock discovered that even after trimming U.S. Stocks in 2018, financial advisors were still overweight equities. BlackRock’s advice after the discovery was to “get properly diversified.” According to the latest Advisor Insights... Read more »

Patient Minutes

In the News: On Wednesday the Federal Reserve released the minutes from their December FOMC meeting. Many analysts agree that the Fed is showing a willingness to delay further interest rate hikes given the recent volatility in financial markets caused by increasing uncertainty in the overall global economic outlook. Michelle Meyer, head of U.S... Read more »

Brighter Horizon

In the news: Overall financial market volatility has been elevated over the past two months. Fixed income returns have been bogged down by the Fed hiking cycle. Investors have become increasingly concerned that Santa will not give them a year end rally. In the latter stages of a bull market, as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates and the... Read more »

BBB’s: Quantity vs. Quality

In the news: A common misconception of the BBB rated investment grade bond universe today is that quantity affects quality. While the U.S. corporate bond investment grade universe has indeed experienced a significant increase in both the size and market share of BBB rated securities (as compared to “A” rated securities), this does not necessarily... Read more »

Passive Pride vs. Active Vigilance

In the News: Market volatility and the continued rise in interest rates have advisors sticking to allocations driven by active management. 83% of US based financial advisors said they believe the current market environment is likely favorable for active portfolio management, as published by Natixis Investment Management last week. Those who... Read more »

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