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Roosevelt Investments has 50 years of experience working with cemeteries, funeral homes, and their owners and operators. In fact, one of the reasons P. James Roosevelt founded our firm was to manage money for the Youngs Memorial Cemetery*, where Teddy Roosevelt is buried.

When it comes to managing preneed, perpetual care, and merchandise trust assets, we know you need Stability, Knowledge of State Regulations, Risk Management, and Long-Term Preservation of Capital.

That’s what Roosevelt Investments has always worked hard to deliver.

*Does not represent client endorsement or reference.
Funeral Home Aquisitions New York *Does not represent client endorsement or reference.


We know preneed, perpetual care, and merchandise trusts have different needs from regular trusts. Our long-term commitment to your profession means we understand these unique needs.

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Roosevelt Investments Is Committed to the Funeral Service and Cemetery Profession:

Prominence in the Profession

Throughout our years serving the funeral service and cemetery profession we have made it a priority to continue to grow our involvement in the community.

Where we speak

Where We Speak:

International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association

National Funeral Directors Association

New Jersey Cemetery Association

Pennsylvania Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association

Death Care Management Council

Kates-Boylston Webinars & Seminars

The Foresight Companies Seminars

MKJ Conferences

Where we are published

Where We Are Published:

American Funeral Director Magazine

Memento Mori Magazine

The Director Magazine

Memorial Business Journal

The Bulletin Magazine, Selected

PCCFA Keynews



International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association

Death Care Management Council

New Jersey Cemetery Association

Southern Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association

Cremation Association of North America

Selected, Advanced Preferred Partner

Pennsylvania Cemetery,
Cremation & Funeral Association

We also help cemetery and funeral home operators establish stability with a well-structured Investment Policy Statement.

With our guidance, we can ensure your Investment Policy Statement clearly meets at least these four objectives:


Establish the goals, objectives, risk tolerance, cash flow needs, and any other requirements related to the trust;


Define the investment philosophy, strategy, and approach for the management of trust assets.


Designate responsibilities for all parties involved, to ensure everyone is acting in your best interest;


Serve as the ‘guidebook’ to determine how the funds in the trust will be invested and distributed.

We also perform an analysis with each cemetery and funeral home business to determine an investing strategy to assist in achieving your unique long-term goals.

Investment Policy New York
New York NY

Knowledge of State Regulations

Regulations vary from state to state, and keeping up with them can be time consuming and challenging. Roosevelt Investments can help guide you.

Risk Management

  • Our investment strategies are designed to minimize risk in uncertain market environments, while providing stability over the long-term for preneed, perpetual care, and merchandise trust assets.
  • Our team of Chartered Financial Analyst® professionals and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals will help you develop an Investment Policy Statement, and will use your Investment Policy Statement to determine an asset allocation and investment strategy designed to pursue the goals of the trust.
  • Each investment is researched and carefully reviewed – not only for its upside potential, but also for its downside risk. Diversification is also a key approach for minimizing risk.
  • Over time, the financial markets change, your funeral service business may change, and the goals, risk parameters, state regulations, and content of your Investment Policy Statement may change. Roosevelt Investments stays in close touch with you to understand your needs, and we actively manage your trust assets consistent with the Investment Policy Statement.
Risk Management New York
New York NY

Long-Term Preservation of Capital

  • We know the goals of preneed, perpetual care, and merchandise trusts can be different. But there is almost always a common objective: preserve capital over the long-term and generate returns to stay above the funeral service inflation rate, which tends to be higher than the overall inflation rate.
  • Although perpetual care trusts often require capital growth to keep pace with inflation, many also need current income. Roosevelt can design a portfolio to meet the particular income needs of your cemetery and its perpetual care trusts.
  • A key method for preserving capital is investing for long-term growth, but also emphasizing the need for downside protection. At Roosevelt Investments, we focus on both.

Our Decades of Work With Cemetery and Funeral Service Professionals Means We Understand How Preneed, Perpetual Care, and Merchandise Trusts Work and How They Should Be Managed.


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