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More cremations, longer life expectancies, shifting religious beliefs, operational costs rising, fewer funeral homes, and aging cemeteries – these are among the many factors shaping the funeral service and cemetery profession today.

The changing landscape means many funeral homes and cemeteries will need to adapt in unique ways:

Business Merging

Merging with other operators;

Acquiring New Locations

Acquiring new locations, adding a crematory, expanding operations;

Business Merging

Shifting to focus more on event planning and hosting, as people are increasingly using restaurants, hotels, and homes for memorial services.

Business Merging

Implementing a succession plan.

Funeral Home Aquisitions New York
Funeral Home Aquisitions New York

Many of these changes require financing.

Often, our clients ask about financing. We have relationships within the funeral service profession and can help guide you to the resources you need.

For those seeking to sell or transfer your business, we can help guide you to:

Business Merging

Appraise the business and determine sale-ability.

Determining the Value

Determine if the value could be increased by making operating changes prior to placing the business on the market, or whether to proceed immediately to sale.

Tax Analysis

Perform a tax analysis.

Tax Strategies

Consider tax strategies or identify need for tax deferral methods to determine the most viable type of buyer.

Carefully Prepared Documents

Use a carefully prepared prospectus and Non-Disclosure Agreement, and offer a Letter of Intent (LOI) to only the most qualified potential buyers.

You have worked hard to build your funeral home or cemetery and your reputation within the community. It is important that the work you’ve done, and the wealth and value you’ve created, be protected during any kind of business deal or transfer.

Sell Your Funeral Home in New York

Need Financing Today, or Have Questions?

Roosevelt Investments Can Work With You to Help Make Sure Your Financing Needs Are Met, and That the Process Is Seamless and Effective.


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