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A legacy of success. A tradition of excellence.

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Roosevelt Investments traces its roots back to 1971 when P. James Roosevelt, a cousin of former President Theodore Roosevelt, founded the investment advisory firm, P. James Roosevelt, Inc. The firm managed assets for endowments and individuals, including several members of the Roosevelt family, as well as the Theodore Roosevelt Association*. In 1993, the firm changed its name to The Roosevelt Investment Group, LLC.

In 2002, The Roosevelt Investment Group, LLC. merged into Sheer Asset Management, Inc., an asset management firm founded in 1990 by Arthur Sheer. The merger represented the joining of two investment firms with similar history and values. Each firm was built on a foundation of family strength, stability, and entrepreneurial spirit, with an emphasis on integrity and trust. Both organizations had established a history of managing money for prominent families and institutions. Prior to founding his firm, Sheer Asset Management, Inc., Mr. Sheer’s distinguished career included an appointment as Chief Investment Officer at J. Rothschild and Rothschild affiliated companies, as well as key research and investment roles at Keystone Custodian Funds and Fidelity Management.

When the two legacy firms combined in 2002, the Roosevelt name was retained. Today, Roosevelt Investments continues to manage money for several members of the Roosevelt family and the Theodore Roosevelt Association*, as well as many other high net worth families and institutional clients. Our firm is headquartered in midtown Manhattan, and our operations center is located in Providence, Rhode Island.

*Does not represent client endorsement or reference.

The Roosevelt Investment Group, LLC is an investment management firm that manages equity, fixed income, and balanced assets for primarily U.S. clients. The Roosevelt Investment Group, LLC is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and notice filed in all 50 states.

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